How it all began

Our Story

Veo’s story is our own story, the story of two regular dads who love their children unconditionally.

During our many family walks we would always ask ourselves how we could warm up our children’s milk when on-the-go and with no one around to help us.

We were tired of our children (and their mums!) constantly complaining so we put together our engineering and product design knowledge to create a product that would help us solve this issue once and for all. And that’s how we got the idea of a bottle warmer with a built-in battery that we could use at any time, no matter where we were. Finally, the freedom we were looking for.

After one year spent on design, we eventually decided on Veo’s final version. We were dealing with a complex item, not easy to manufacture and that’s why, after many unavoidable delays due to the production and certification processes, we had to wait an additional ten months before we could actually see the first prototypes in person.

As you all know, children grow up fast and by then ours did not need baby bottles anymore. But we can assure you we would have loved to have Veo in our bags when we needed it.

We will keep innovating and we will continue on the Veo mission because we are thrilled to be able to help thousands of parents fully enjoy their time with their children.

Just like we have done so far, we will always keep improving Veo and its performance - also thanks to the feedback and advice our customers have sent us - while keeping a keen eye on the needs of tomorrow’s parents.