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Here’s a quick overview of bottle compatibility for our bottle warmer:

Veo’s screw coupling is compatible with Avent and Chicco bottles without any adapters. For all the other brands you will need to purchase the correct adapter separately, which you can find in the accessories page.

The amount of time needed will depend on the volume of the liquid, the selected temperature setting and the starting temperature of the liquid.

When taking these factors into consideration, it will take anywhere between 4 and 8 minutes.

There are two ways you can sterilise your Veo bottle warmer, depending on where you are:

If you are at home, you can remove the silicone sealing ring, fill the stainless steel portion with boiling water and leave for 2 minutes. Your bottle warmer is now sterilised.

If you are out and about, you can sterilise the heating plate of your Veo bottle warmer with a sanitising wipe. Even a soother cleansing wipe will suffice.

The Veo bottle warmer is waterproof, but it should not be submerged in water.

You will get 3 to 6 heating cycles on a full charge.

The heating process requires a lot of energy, so if you are using small amounts of liquids you will be able to get more cycles with each charge. You will need more time, hence a lot more energy, to warm up a liquid that was previously refrigerated.
Once the selected temperature is reached, your bottle warmer will keep it stable for up to 4 hours.

You can safely use the Veo bottle warmer for any liquid milk, including breast milk and formula.

The technology used allows for a slow and constant heating, which raises the temperature of the liquid evenly, preserving all the nutrients.

The Veo bottle warmer will work only if there is liquid in the connected bottle.
When the sensor in the warmer detects that there isn’t enough liquid, the bottler warmer will automatically stop heating. In order to avoid any interruption you will need to always keep your bottle in the upright position.

Each bottle warmer comes with a 24 months manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is non-transferable. We allow for exchanges if the product is defective. Once your exchange request has been approved we will send you a return label. Our team will then test the product to assess whether it was, in fact, defective.The warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, improper use, normal wear and tear, battery wear, unauthorised maintenance (e.g. taking the item apart), improper care of the product or damage derived from not carefully reading the instruction booklet included with your purchase. If the product is deemed defective we will send out a new one within a day of receiving and testing the returned bottle warmer.

The Veo bottle warmer has the CE certification marking, but in order to ensure it is 100% safe we had our products tested by an independent, third-party certification agency to prove its safety for both our customers and the environment. The Veo products exceed all mandatory EU safety standards.

The Veo bottle warmer is also compliant with the 2011/65/ EU (RoHs) Directive. It also complies with all the safety standards established by the D.M. 21/03/1973 - MOCA. Each component has been manufactured with food-grade, non-toxic materials, making it suitable for contact with food.

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